Ride the Carousel at House on the Rock in Wisconsin




Are you searching for something exciting to do during the spring or summer? House on the Rock in Wisconsin is sure to please. This Wisconsin attraction showcases an eclectic collection of odd items, from toys and carousels to giant sculpted sea creatures and dolls.

House on the Rock offers an extraordinary display that takes up an entire building! Filled with lights, animals and figurines, it is one of their best attractions and guaranteed to take your breath away!

The Carousel

House on the Rock in Wisconsin offers an unforgettable display that will surely leave you speechless. Covering an entire building, it is filled with lights, animals and figurines for visitors to admire.

This spectacular attraction boasts over 20,000 lights and 182 chandeliers, as well as music inspired by the instruments within.

Neil Gaiman, who grew up in Menomonie, Wisconsin, immortalized this strange and wonderful place from a scene in his 2001 fantasy novel American Gods that featured a trip to the House on the Rock. In this scene, four characters board the carousel and mount different animals as it continues spinning.

House on the Rock, located atop a chimney of rock in scenic Southern Wisconsin, is an incredible display of collections, displays and galleries. Here you can marvel at the world’s largest carousel, take a leisurely walk down The Streets of Yesterday or explore Infinity Room – an ethereal 218-foot long space offering breathtaking views of the valley below.

The Animals

Many animals enjoy working, although some prefer free labor (like cats trained to lead soldiers through the jungle during the Vietnam war). Some furry creatures even have jobs beyond being cute – like detecting mines or anticipating seizure outbreaks.

At House on the Rock, guests can admire hundreds of horses, zebras and other animals that move around and spin. Unfortunately they’re too high up to be touched but it sure is fun to look at!

There are some bizarre creatures that began as horses but have since been sculpted into other forms by the staff at Casa Bonita on the rock. One particularly odd pair is a pair of centaurs with female bodies and helmets on their heads but blank eyes beneath.

The Music

House on the Rock, perched atop Deer Shelter Rock in rural Wisconsin, is one of the Midwest’s most unusual tourist destinations. It features an eclectic assortment of bizarre, surrealistic, and whimsical exhibits.

Alex Jordan built a 14-room retreat as a weekend get away in 1945, but over time it blossomed into an expansive complex.

Now, the management has added what they call “The Music of Yesterday,” featuring an impressive collection of automated musical instruments played by robots. There’s also a 200-foot model of a whimsical sperm whale-like sea creature and what is undoubtedly the world’s largest indoor carousel.

The House on the Rock has been an inspiration to numerous authors and musical groups, including Neil Gaiman who included it in his beloved novel American Gods. In this beloved work, House on the Rock plays an integral role and its exhibits are described with meticulous care – even its most bizarre details!

The Attraction

Are you searching for an unforgettable Wisconsin attraction? House on the Rock is definitely worth visiting. This awe-inspiring complex was meticulously created by Alex Jordan Jr. with collections, displays and galleries designed by him that you won’t find anywhere else.

The house, situated between Dodgeville and Spring Green, Wisconsin, opened in 1959 as an architecturally distinct complex of rooms, streets, gardens and shops.

One of the most captivating attractions inside the House is its carousel – one of the world’s largest. It boasts 269 animals, 182 chandeliers and 20,000 lights for an enchanting show.

Hertzburg also houses “Heritage of the Sea”, a four-story blimp-hangar room featuring an 80 foot sea monster engaging with a 200 foot giant squid.

The House on the Rock is an unforgettable fever dream that will take your mind off everything else in existence. A must-see for anyone visiting Wisconsin!