Fortnite – Can You Ride the Roller Coaster in Fortnite Chapter 3?




If you’re searching for an adrenaline-rush in Fortnite, the new Roller Coaster in Rave Cave has arrived! This map update brings with it a host of enjoyable activities and attractions that players are sure to love.

One of the most thrilling rides is the Roller Coaster, located near Rave Cave POI. You can ride it by jumping into a Baller and driving it onto its tracks.

How to ride the roller coaster

Roller coasters are thrilling rides commonly found at amusement parks. These rides boast large drops, tight turns and high speeds for added excitement.

Fortnite’s newest season has brought about many changes to the former territory of the Imagined Order, such as turning Command Cavern into Rave Cave and adding a thrilling roller coaster for players to enjoy. It features an enormous representation of Cuddle Team Leader’s head at its summit with tracks passing through multiple times before reaching their base.

To ride the roller coaster, all you have to do is locate a Baller near its tracks. After finding one, drive it onto the tracks and begin riding!

It’s essential to note that you can only ride the Roller coaster when there is enough fuel in your tank. If you run out, you must wait until a refill station appears before riding again.

How to get on the roller coaster

The Season Two premiere of Fortnite has seen some drastic transformations to the Imagined Order’s former territory, Command Cavern being transformed into Rave Cave and giving it a brand-new roller coaster ride featuring Cuddle Team Leader’s head atop a large dome that tracks pass through multiple times. It’s quite an amazing sight to behold!

In Fortnite, you’ll need a Baller vehicle and the appropriate Battle Royale rank in order to ride the roller coaster. The Baller is one of few non-fuel vehicles so you don’t have to worry about running out of fuel while using it. Unfortunately, while it does a great job hopping around, it doesn’t move very fast. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to acquire one; using the handy arrow in your inventory allows for rapid switching between different types of Ballers.

How to get off the roller coaster

Fortnite Chapter 3 introduces its new Roller Coaster, which winds around and through Rave Cave – the party version of Command Cavern. Fortunately, getting on and off is a breeze with just your Baller, luck, and patience to navigate its tracks. In addition to the roller coaster, there are also plenty of other exciting additions in this latest version of the game to discover.

How to get out of the roller coaster

Fortnite’s latest season introduces some thrilling new ways to navigate around the island. Players can now ride along on the Screwballer roller coaster, which extends all around it. To do this, players must find a Baller vehicle on one of the tracks and attach it to the coaster; once done, it will do all driving for them. However, if they get stuck on the track, their boosts won’t function properly and may need to use their grappler in order to free themselves.

Regardless, the roller coaster is an amazing way to explore Fortnite and should definitely be checked out. It’s perfect for passing time while you need a break from Battle Royale mode.