Can You Ride Horses in Farming Simulator 22?




Farming Simulator 22 is an immersive simulation game that will take you on an immersive journey into agriculture. You can get involved in many tasks such as planting and harvesting crops, driving farm vehicles, caring for animals and much more – the possibilities are endless!

This latest installment in Farming Simulator franchise offers plenty of surprises and features. You have more player freedom than ever before to build your own farm, expand operations with production chains – and turn that farm into an agricultural empire!


In Farming Simulator 22, you can raise horses and take them for rides around your farm. This is an exciting way to explore your farm from a different perspective and gain more knowledge about it.

The game offers you a vast array of animals to raise, such as sheep, cows and pigs. Each type has its own special requirements in terms of power and upkeep.

If you want to add horses to your herd, first you will need to invest in a horse pen. After that, it is necessary to train and feed them so they are ready for sale.

Training your horses is essential for their physical development and to get them ready to be sold at higher prices. You must also regularly clean them to keep them healthy and looking their best.


Farming Simulator 22 offers a vast array of animals to manage, but horses stand as the undisputed stars of the agricultural world. You can train and feed these majestic creatures before selling them at your local auction house. All that is required for successful management is an adequate horse pen as well as plenty of water and straw to keep them contented. Some of the game’s most expensive equine specimens may even be purchased via auction!

Farming Simulator’s latest installment offers you the chance to conquer all three major environments (Alabama, Germany and Canada). There are also several new features like co-operative multiplayer that allows up to 16 players to work together on one plot of land. Plus, the game boasts some cutting-edge gadgets to help manage your massive farm empire with ease.


Farming Simulator 22 allows you to raise various types of animals on your farm, such as cows, sheep, pigs, chickens and horses! This feature offers you a unique perspective into farming life!

Horses are one of the most essential animals in FS 22, and they require a lot of love and care. To get the most from them, you should know how to properly feed them and take good care of them in your stables.

Farming Simulator 22 offers a wide variety of food items for horses to feed. Each type has an advantage in certain scenarios, making it beneficial to feed certain items.


Grooming is essential to keep horses healthy and contented. It encourages good circulation, builds strong connections with handlers, and can help detect any early signs of illness or injury before they become serious issues.

Regular grooming of a horse not only makes them look better and feel more secure on the trail, but it can reduce their vulnerability to diseases as well.

For optimal horse care, its coat should be regularly brushed, combed, and free of tangles. While this can be a time-consuming task, it is necessary to keep your horse looking its best.

When it comes to daily grooming, two tools that come in handy are the curry comb and dandy brush. The latter gently picks out hair while the former loosens dirt and other detritus from surfaces. Both instruments help stimulate skin cells with natural oils for healthy, radiant skin.


Horses are the newest animal type added to Farming Simulator 22, and you can now ride them around your farm. While this animal doesn’t produce anything directly, regular riding will increase its sale value.

Track three stats about your horse: Health, Fitness and Cleanliness. As you ride them more frequently, each of these metrics increases in percentage value.

Once your horse reaches 100%, you can sell them for a great amount of money. This is an excellent way to make extra cash in Farming Simulator 22!

When selling horses in farming simulator 22, make sure they are in top condition. Otherwise, you may not get the maximum amount of money for them.