Can I Ride a Peloton With Regular Shoes?




Are you considering purchasing a Peloton for your family and wondering if regular shoes will fit with it? Look no further – whether or not regular footwear is compatible with this exercise bike!

Unfortunately, Peloton bikes come with clipless pedals which means that regular shoes cannot be used without special accessories.


While you can ride a peloton with regular shoes if you use toe cages or clips, it is not advised. Not only will your feet not receive proper support when pedaling, but this could lead to injuries as well.

Cages are straps that attach to your pedals and let you slip running or gym shoes into them while riding. Cages help keep your feet secure while pedaling and keep the ankles from slipping around while spinning.

Toe cages may not be compatible with all bike pedals, but if you’re going to invest in them, make sure they are specifically designed for cycling shoes.

You may want to consider investing in multi-use pedals that allow you to quickly switch between regular shoes and pedals with cleats depending on the class. These tend to be cheaper than purchasing a new pair of cycling shoes and may be more convenient for some individuals.


To ride a peloton safely and efficiently, you need cleats that attach to the pedals. These allow you to apply proper pulling force during each upward stroke while keeping your feet secure on the pedals – helping avoid injuries during high-effort sessions.

However, regular shoes cannot attach to pedals on a peloton bike due to their unique shape compared to standard cycling pedals; regular footwear will not clip into them.

Fortunately, there are cleats compatible with Look Delta pedals on a Peloton bike. These cleats are simple to clip in and secure to use – simply place the cleat on top of the pedal and push through your heel until you hear a click.

Toe cages

One of the most frequently asked questions is, “Can I ride my Peloton with regular shoes?” Fortunately, there are several ways to accomplish this goal. One simple solution is using toe cages – small frames that attach directly onto bicycle pedals at the front.

Caged feet from the ball of your foot forward up to your toes provide a secure grip when pedaling, improving power output by enabling more efficient pushdown and pullup movements on the pedals.

Peloton users can choose from YBEKI SPD Pedals with Peloton Toe Cages and Wellgo WPD-E003. With these pedals, you have two options for toe cages: clip in on one side using your SPD cleats with no cage attached or flip them around for a flat sneaker-friendly pedal that includes a toe cage.


Cycling shoes are typically designed with a rigid sole that maximizes power transfer and makes pedaling much simpler.

Regular shoes, however, may cause your feet to slip off the pedals while riding, which could prove hazardous. Therefore, it is essential that you select the appropriate type of shoe for your Peloton bike.

Shoes must have cleats that are compatible with your Peloton bike’s pedals. Generally made out of plastic or metal, these cleats attach to the bottom of your cycling shoe’s sole.

For your Peloton bike, select shoes with delta cleat design to allow easy clip-in and out. Furthermore, ensure the shoes fit securely so your feet won’t slip off the pedals during workout sessions.