Can You Ride Camels in Dubai?




If you’re looking for an unforgettable camel ride experience in Dubai, one of the many desert tours that include this traditional activity is sure to please! Prices for these excursions may vary but guarantee a memorable journey!

For those seeking a more sedate camel experience, Al Qudra Lakes/Al Marmoom area just outside Dubai offers Al Qudra Lakes/Al Marmoom. Here, visitors don’t have to do all the elements that typically accompany a desert safari (such as dune bashing and quad biking).

Camel Riding in Dubai

Camel riding in Dubai offers an unforgettable desert experience that’s safe and secure, allowing you to explore without fear or hassles.

Riding a camel in Dubai doesn’t require any special skills or experience – tour operators provide guides and experienced camel trainers to make the experience safe and enjoyable for everyone.

When riding a camel in Dubai, the best time to do so is during winter months between October and May. At these times of year, Dubai’s weather tends to be pleasant and sunny, and sand dunes are not as tall or steep.

For an authentic taste of camel culture, join the Al Dhafra Festival. Here, traditional Bedouin events such as falconry and Saluki racing are combined with Camel Mazayna – a beauty contest for camels that boasts generous prize money. This event takes great seriousness when it comes to maintaining tradition.

Camel Riding Safety

If you plan to go for a camel ride in Dubai, it is important to keep these safety precautions in mind. These tips can help maximize your trip and guarantee that you have an enjoyable and safe experience!

#1 It is essential to stay relaxed when riding a camel. Camels can sense when you’re uncomfortable, so taking deep breaths and staying calm will ensure both of you remain at ease at all times.

#2 When mounting a camel, use momentum to quickly get your legs over its humps. This will distribute your weight more evenly throughout your back and tailbone, eliminating any potential pain in those sensitive spots.

#3 When riding a camel, it’s essential to ensure you don’t hold on too tightly. This may be difficult when the animal is excited and moving around.

Camel Riding Experience

Experience Dubai from a camel’s back – one of the best ways to enjoy its desert landscape. These hardy herbivores serve as transport for Bedouin tribes and are highly revered in Emirati culture.

Your adventure begins with a pickup from your hotel in an air-conditioned minivan, followed by travel into the desert to meet up with your camel convoy. Afterward, enjoy an exclusive 45-minute trail-styled and guided camel ride through pristine desert terrain.

Your tour will come to a close at a Bedouin camp, where you can watch an exciting falconry demonstration and enjoy traditional Arab music and dance in the evening.

This activity is suitable for people of all ages and is completely safe. This tour has become a popular choice among tourists looking to experience an authentic day in the Arabian Desert.

Camel Riding in the Desert

Camel riding is one of the most sought-after desert safari activities in Dubai. Not only does it bring you closer to Bedouin culture, but also allows you to appreciate its evocative traditions of the desert.

Camels have been an iconic feature of Arabian landscape for centuries, providing sustenance to those living in arid regions. Furthermore, they possess remarkable capabilities like traveling long distances without food or water – making them essential to Bedouin tradition.

There are various camel rides to choose from, from shorter trail-style excursions to longer adventures that take you deep into the desert. No matter which option you select, it’s always a wonderful way to witness this pristine desert and take in its stunning views.