Can you ride a Zebra?: The answer might surprise you!




Zebras are very similar to horses, so they may appear to be an animal that can be ridden. However, zebras are a lot different than a horse. Zebras have a different bone structure in their legs which makes it very difficult for a person to stay on their back. Secondly, zebras have very powerful kicks that can easily injure a rider. So you probably wondering, can you ride a zebra?

Can you ride a Zebra?Yes, you can ride a zebra like you would a horse. However, zebras are wild animals and should be treated as such. If you were to attempt to ride a zebra, the zebra would need to be domesticated.

A zebra’s skin is too delicate, and its bones are too fragile to support the weight of a regular size human. However, having said that, if you were a smaller person of stature, like a child, you could attempt to ride a zebra. Although even if you could get on the back of a Zebra, they are not typically domesticated animals, so a zebra would not allow you to stay on their back for long.

Zebras can become very aggressive. A zebra’s kick has been known to kill a Lion. The zebra can kick with upwards to 3,000 pounds of force. This is why attempting to ride a zebra is considered dangerous and can result in serious injury. Not to mention, a zebra can unleash a nasty bite, and once they bite you, they don’t want to let go.

Is It Legal To Ride Zebras?

No, it is not legal to ride Zebra in the United States.

Fun Fact: In Africa, where Zebras are indigenous, Zebra-riding safaris are big business, and many companies offer this unique opportunity to tourists.

Can Zebras Be Domesticated And Trained?

Yes, zebras can be domesticated and trained. Zebras have been successfully trained for various tasks, including riding, circus performances, and even therapy work with children and adults.

Even though zebras can be domesticated and trained, it is not a practical or humane process. While it is possible to mount and ride a zebra, it cannot be fully domesticated due to its aggressive nature. Attempts have been made in the past, with Lord Rothschild famously attempting to tame a zebra for his carriage. However, these attempts have proven unsuccessful due to the animal’s wildness. Ultimately, while zebras can be ridden and worked with training, they are not suitable candidates for domestication like horses are.

Horse vs Zebra Size Comparison

Horses are larger than zebras. A full-grown horse can weigh up to 1,000 pounds and stand taller than 6 feet at the shoulder, while a full-grown zebra can weigh up to 700 pounds and stand about 4 feet tall at the shoulder.

Horse800 – 1,000 Pounds6 – 7 Feet
Zebra700 – 900 Pounds4 – 5 Feet

Pony vs Zebra Size Comparison

Ponies are smaller than zebras. Ponies can grow to around 4 feet in height. Zebras are typically much taller, reaching up to 5 feet tall. Ponies weigh less, too, averaging between 350 and 500 pounds compared to the 700 pound average of the zebra.

Pony350 – 500 Pounds3 – 4 Feet
Zebra700 – 900 Pounds4 – 5 Feet

What is a Cross Between a Zebra and a Horse Called?

Did you know that people have successfully bred a horse and zebra? Yep!, They are called a Zorse. A zorse is a cross between a zebra and a horse. The zorse is usually bred for its exotic look. Its coat usually has the stripes of a zebra, but the coat can be any color that a horse can be. The zebra’s stripes come from its father, and the coat color comes from its mother.

Key Takeaways: Conclusion

Can you ride a Zebra? Yes, technically, you can. However, as mentioned above, to ride a Zebra, first, the Zebra would need to be tamed and trained, which can be both difficult and dangerous. Additionally, the rider would need to be a smaller person, for example, a child, as zebras aren’t physically designed to hold the weight of a human.

Riding a zebra can potentially pose serious risks to the rider’s safety. Therefore, it is not recommended that you attempt to ride a zebra. However, if you want to experience riding a zebra, you can always try riding on a zorse, which is the offspring of a zebra and a horse.

A zorse can be tamed and trained like any other domesticated horse and can provide an exciting experience for anyone who wishes to try it!

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