Where Can You Ride Dirt Bikes?




Dirt bikes offer an exciting way to get outdoors and discover nature while providing a strenuous workout.

Unfortunately, finding a place to ride your dirt bike can be challenging due to the differing laws and regulations that apply in different states.

Private Property

Dirt bike riding on private property is allowed, but you must ensure the area is secure and free from obstacles. Furthermore, steer clear of areas with hazardous plants or animals and maintain a low speed while riding.

You may need a special license or permission from the land owner in order to ride on private land. As laws vary from state to state, it’s best to check with your local laws for clarification.

Alternately, you can ride your bike on state trails or riding parks. These locations are usually designed specifically with dirt bikes in mind and offer various terrains and difficulty levels.

However, you must abide by noise and pollution regulations. Furthermore, be considerate of your neighbors by keeping the noise to a minimum and not disrupting their lives – otherwise they may file a complaint against you. This is especially relevant if your property is near other residences. If unsure about your state’s regulations, ask local authorities or consult an expert dirt biker for clarification.

Public Motocross Tracks

If you’re searching for an ideal spot to ride dirt bikes in California, there are a variety of locations. Some are private while others are accessible to the public; it’s essential that you check ahead of time for specific rules and regulations so that your riding is allowed.

One of the most thrilling aspects of motocross is the variety of tracks and obstacles you can face. These range from long straightaways to tight, sweeping turns.

It’s essential to be aware that your riding style may need to adapt depending on the track. For instance, if you’re just starting out, keep your distance from other riders so as not to crash into them while learning how to control your bike and avoid collisions.

Experienced riders will love Lake Elsinore Motorspot Park and Los Angeles County Raceway Motocross (LACR MX). The main track is designed for advanced riders, while a peewee track makes it accessible even to beginners.

Snowy Conditions

Dirt bikes can be fun and exciting, but they can also be dangerous when snowed on. Therefore, it is essential to winterize your bike and equip yourself with appropriate gear before venturing out in the snow.

If you plan to ride in the snow, opt for a dirt bike with studded tires. This will provide grip on slippery ground and help avoid falling off your bike.

Another essential requirement is adequate engine power. This is especially critical for dirt bikes that will be traversing deep snow and steep terrain.

Additionally, you should invest in winter-specific apparel such as jackets, pants and boots. Doing so will keep your dirt bike warm and comfortable while riding through the snow.


For dirt bike enthusiasts, there are thousands of miles of backcountry trails across America that provide endless off-road fun. These paths can accommodate both beginner riders who want to learn the intricacies of off-road riding as well as more experienced riders looking to test their skills.

If the terrain is too rough for you to ride your dirt bike on roads, DOT regulations may allow it if it meets certain equipment standards for street bikes. These include horns, side-view mirrors and turn signals.

However, if you live in a city or town, it is illegal to ride your dirt bike on public roads. Doing so will result in a fine.