Where Can You Ride a Electric Scooter on the Road?




Are you searching for an enjoyable and practical way to commute short distances? An electric scooter could be just what you need. Not only do they save money on bus or train fares, but they also reduce fuel costs and parking fees in the process!

Before taking your scooter out for a spin, it’s essential to become acquainted with local and state laws. Following these regulations can help avoid any unwanted fines while keeping you safe while on the road.

Age Requirements

State regulations on when and how old someone must be to ride a scooter vary, but generally speaking they must be 16 or older. It is still essential to observe all normal traffic laws when using an electric scooter as they offer little protection from other cars or trucks on the road.

When riding your electric scooter on the road, it is wise to wear a helmet. This is especially important if you’re going at high speeds as it can protect against traumatic brain injuries in case of an accident with a car or truck.

Some e-scooter rental services, like Bird, do not include helmets with their rental. However, safety regulations in these companies and cities usually require them to be worn. Some even add a warning message in their app if riders forget their helmets when taking a ride.

Safety Features

Riding an electric scooter is a convenient and safe way to move around town. But as with any form of transportation, it’s essential that you remain cautious while on the road when using an e-scooter.

Electric scooter users must develop certain road safety practices in order to minimize the risk of accidents for themselves and pedestrians alike. These precautions include using bike lanes, obeying traffic lights and directions, and respecting pedestrians.

Another essential safety component for electric scooters is their tires. Quality tires help you brake faster, provide improved stability and grip, and prevent your wheels from spinning while accelerating.

Maintain the same level of concentration when driving your scooter as if you were in a car. This means avoiding texting and other forms of distracted riding – it only takes seconds for this to lead to an accident.

Speed Limits

When riding an electric scooter on the road, it’s essential to abide by speed limits. These may differ from state to state and it is your responsibility to ensure you remain safe at all times.

In California, an e-scooter is legal to drive on the road as long as it stays within 25 miles per hour of the highway’s maximum speed limit. You must also have front and rear lights, along with brakes.

Most states have similar regulations to mopeds, so you will need a license and insurance in order to ride an e-scooter. Furthermore, you must wear a helmet while on the vehicle.

Though many people enjoy the freedom of an e-scooter, it is essential to follow safety regulations for yourself and other drivers. Be sure to adhere to speed limits on public roads, and never ride on sidewalks unless legally allowed to do so.

Where to Ride

No matter if you’re new to e-scooters or have been riding them for years, it’s essential that you know where your scooter can legally ride on the road. Since laws vary by state, become acquainted with your local regulations so that you’re in compliance.

To determine where you can legally ride your scooter on the street, consult with local police. They can provide more details regarding where it’s allowed to pedal as well as any parking regulations that may exist.

Once you’ve chosen where to ride your electric scooter, be sure to adhere to all necessary safety protocols. These include wearing a helmet, using brakes and adhering to speed limits.

If you need to plan your route, Ride with GPS is an app that can help. This program allows you to monitor performance, record rides and find routes created by other riders. Plus, its controls let you adjust where the traffic is so that you can either bypass it altogether or ride around it safely.