What to Bring to Halloween Horror Nights




As Halloween Horror Nights is an intimidating event for first-timers and experienced attendees alike, navigating its many obstacles may be daunting. Don’t fret though! With plenty of advice from experienced HHN veterans at your disposal to make your experience smoother.

One of the best ways to enjoy Halloween Horror Nights is to arrive early and avoid crowds while also getting ahead on some of the most popular houses.

How long does it take to get into the park?

No matter if it’s your first or fifth Halloween Horror Nights event, getting into the park may prove challenging. Many rides undergo renovations at this time and wait times can become long and unpredictable.

Visitors looking to visit haunted houses as quickly as possible will want to make use of Scream Early add-on or Halloween Horror Nights Express Pass options available to reduce wait time.

Bring someone with you who doesn’t mind scary-sounding events; if one of you has anxiety issues, discuss those upfront so both of you feel at ease during the experience.

Can I ride the rides?

Halloween Horror Nights is an separately ticketed event and regular admission will not grant access. A Day/Night Combo ticket, however, enables visitors to visit both parks on one day before experiencing Halloween Horror Nights on that evening.

Guests at this event can purchase an Express Pass similar to Disneyland’s FastPass that will enable them to experience all mazes, rides and shows with shorter wait times and fewer queues.

Universal has recently added to their event lineup a number of terrifying scare zones – outdoor areas decorated with themes and costumes meant to give people chills. It’s impossible to walk through one without feeling unnerved! These zones are so intricate it would take days just to experience all their scare tactics!

Can I bring my own food?

Are You Attending Halloween Horror Nights For the First Time This Year? If you are planning on attending your first Halloween Horror Nights event this year, and are wondering what to bring, here’s some essential advice: Although many attend these events for the thrills and scares, others also enjoy them for treats and extras.

For those of us that enjoy snacking while waiting in line, there are several food locations within the park to help satisfy our hunger while exploring and walking between terrifying houses.

One of the highlights at HHN is The Pumpkin Lord’s Kingdom, our most terrifying haunted house experience! Visitors are welcomed into its realm of horror populated with blood-drinking zombies and otherworldly entities as well as chainsaw-wielding slashers – sure to give any guest goose bumps!

Can I bring my own drinks?

As an attendee of Halloween Horror Nights, it’s crucial that you know whether or not bringing in outside beverages is permitted, particularly if you intend on enjoying their specialty cocktails.

One of the most beloved Halloween Horror Nights beverages is the Dirty Valentine cocktail, an easy and refreshing drink perfect for humid theme park evenings.

The Dirty Valentine can also be purchased as a souvenir glass and will surely make an impactful statement at your next event!

Universal Studios Florida brings to life characters and stories from movies, video games, music videos and urban legends during Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Florida. Alongside haunted houses, the park hosts several live shows which include performances featuring pyrotechnics, aerialists and pulse-pounding rock/metal music – perfect for an unforgettable Halloween Horror Nights experience!

Can I bring my own camera?

If you’re not looking to photograph scare actors during Halloween Horror Nights, we recommend not bringing your own camera. Flashy cameras may draw too much attention for comfort – it would be wiser to choose an ordinary point and shoot camera instead.

Rather than forget a memorable moment, why not capture it by visiting one of our photo opps in Uni Plaza or outside Terror Tram for the opportunity to pose with a scare actor.

At Halloween Horror Nights 2018, Blumhouse double-features will transport guests to alternate dimensions featuring Grabber from The Black Phone and Butcher from Freaky who has exchanged bodies with a high school girl. You will come face-to-face with these deranged characters through intense haunted houses and terrifying Terror Tram experiences.