Skyrim Horses – How to Raise Horses in Skyrim




Horseback riding is an excellent way to explore Skyrim, and can be purchased in all major cities for 1000 gold at stables.

Players may own multiple horses, easily identifiable with a “Player’s Horse Label” on their HUD. When fast traveling or remounting, their last ridden horse remains by your side to remain with them during fast travel or remounting.


Horses provide the fastest means of traversing Skyrim, with numerous stables located across major cities where players can enter to buy one from its owner – this is by far the safest and simplest method to acquire one in Skyrim.

Stealing horses is another risky way of acquiring them, though stolen horses tend to disappear off the map quickly once stolen. Furthermore, doing so may result in arrest and could damage one’s reputation severely.

If the risk of theft is too great for you to bear, other mods can help make riding your horse more efficient. Convenient Horses is one such mod which adds a hotkey for changing camera view on horseback – this plugin works particularly well when combined with Immersive Horses and True Directional Movement mods.

Wild Horses

There are countless mods for Skyrim that can enhance the experience, including those focused on horses or adding new mounts to the game.

Immersive Horses is one of the more popular horse mods available for Xbox, offering realistic horse looks and improved gameplay. In addition, Immersive Horses includes other features such as horse stabling/naming as well as a new encumbrance system and more.

Shadowmere, another excellent horse mod, introduces a wild horse that can be tamed by players. It can be found roaming Tamriel tundra areas and is easily located with either its horse map or text description from its accompanying book of horse taming. Shadowmere features high maximum stamina and regeneration health pool capacities that make it popular as mounts; however if killed it may take time to respawn back in Tamriel.


Numerous Skyrim enthusiasts have created mods that address Skyrim’s horses and mounts. Popular examples of such mods are Horse Armor, which adds horse armor that allows players to interact more naturally while on their mounts; and True Directional Movement which improves how horses move.

The Dragonborn can purchase a horse in any major city for 1000 gold and summon it as needed when riding it. Stealing is also possible, although doing so will result in a bounty and the stolen horse will leave when dismounted – unlike stolen items which tend to stay behind when dismounted. Alternatively, Immersive Horses allows the player to retain any horse encountered throughout Skyrim – whether purchased, stolen, or gained through quests – so that it remains available when summoning. This mod works particularly well when combined with True Directional Movement as both mods play their parts effectively when combined together!

Free Horses

Horses are one of the primary modes of transportation in Skyrim. Purchases at stables cost 1,000 gold; theft can also yield free horses. There are two methods for getting free horses without resorting to theft:

Wild Horses Creation Club allows players to tame horses throughout the Nordic homeland of the game. Another means of encounter is through random encounters at hunter camps or bandit forts captured during civil war quests.

Players looking for something truly distinctive may wish to try summoning the Unicorn through a magic spell, which offers powerful abilities as well as its own quest.