Ride With the Blue Angels




The Blue Angels are an American Navy flight demonstration team based out of Pensacola, Florida that are seen by millions each year. One of the longest-standing flight teams ever created.

Blue Angels pilots use F/A-18 fighter jets painted in traditional Navy blue and gold colors for flight demonstrations and community outreach programs in numerous cities across the United States.

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The Blue Angels are an elite team of naval aviators tasked with performing aerial demonstrations at public exhibitions to promote Naval and Marine Corps aviation, meet recruitment goals, and inspire audiences. Their purpose is to promote naval aviation while meeting recruitment goals while instilling inspiration into audiences around the globe.

Since 1945, this team has maintained an exceptional level of excellence and holds fast to their strong traditions of high standards. Pilots must complete an intensive training program before being considered for selection as part of this elite squadron.

Traditionally, an airborne squadron consists of six aircraft flying in formation. They typically consist of five Navy jet pilots and one marine corps pilot.

The Blue Angels are well-known for their intricate flight maneuvers that require great skill and precision to perform successfully. Flying under such high g-force makes even experienced pilots struggle to avoid crashes; 27 Blue Angels have crashed during training or airshow performances and these crashes have resulted in many deaths of pilots.

3. Be a Blue Angel

The Blue Angels are the United States Navy’s flight demonstration squadron, composed of pilots from both services. Established shortly after World War II to maintain public interest and support for naval aviation, they first performed for public audiences in 1946.

Flight demonstration teams perform at air shows across the United States and are seen by an estimated audience of 11 million spectators every year. Show season also offers teams an opportunity to visit hospitals and schools to inspire children who aspire to become pilots or aviation professionals.

Becoming a Blue Angel requires being an active-duty Navy or Marine Corps pilot who meets rigorous standards. At minimum, you must possess carrier-qualified jet pilot qualifications with at least 1,250 tactical jet flight hours or 1,2000 flight hours as a commander and career-oriented aircraft pilot experience.

4. Become a Blue Angel

Aspiring Blue Angel pilots must be active-duty Navy or Marine pilots with at least 1,250 flight hours under their belts and be carrier qualified; additionally they must undergo a rigorous selection process.

These highly experienced fighter pilots showcase U.S. Navy aviation with aerial demonstrations at events across the country and also reach out to communities through public outreach events.

The Blue Angels are an elite team of Navy and Marine Corps jet pilots who demonstrate six demonstration jets at air shows worldwide throughout the year.

The Blue Angels have their roots in World War II and continue their mission of showcasing U.S. naval aviation while cultivating excellence through excellence-promoting programs. You can discover more about their team by visiting their official website and becoming part of it yourself!