How to Ride the New Guardians of the Galaxy Coaster at Epcot




Epcot’s newest attraction features the Guardians of the Galaxy at its core – and this family-friendly “story coaster” Omnicoaster boasts rotating seats and reverse launch.

Star-Lord, Gamora, Groot, Drax and Rocket make appearances throughout this epic ride! Add in its powerfully awesome soundtrack for an unforgettable experience!

What is the ride like?

As one might expect, this ride is fun and thrilling! While not quite as exhilarating as a larger roller coaster, its sheer speed still exhilarates riders while its numerous twists and turns keep those sensitive to spinning or motion at bay. Our Frog Family found this attraction especially enjoyable – another fantastic addition to EPCOT.

Enter this attraction through the Galaxyarium, an environment designed to mirror EPCOT’s World Showcase pavilions. From there, teleport to Phase Chamber and board your Nova Corps Starcharter cruiser for an amazing journey!

The ride features a classic rock soundtrack, including songs from Peter Quill’s playlist. It is fun, with lots of elements that make repeat rides feel unique; and, unlike some Disney roller coasters, does not contain as many drops or inversions so as to be less frightening for younger riders.

What is the queue like?

Epcot’s inaugural “other-world” showcase pavilion now houses Epcot’s latest immersive storytelling ride: Xandar! Star-Lord, Gamora, Groot, and Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy will help guests experience this ride dubbed both an “omnicoaster” and “story coaster”, complete with reverse launch feature and seats that spin 360 degrees around its track.

Flight of Passage and Rise of the Resistance offer an unforgettable experience, and their pre-show makes the wait seem much shorter.

As soon as the ride opens as a standalone attraction, visitors should enter through its main entrance for the best chance of scoring a place in either its virtual queue or Individual Lightning Lane booking system. As these are currently the only ways to ride, it is imperative that you understand how it all works as it can easily lead to errors that thwart your chances. It doesn’t need to be hard; mistakes happen easily though so learning what works can only improve your odds!

How do I get on the ride?

To ride Epcot’s Guardians of the Galaxy coaster, either form a virtual queue group or purchase a Lightning Lane pass. For virtual queue groups to form at 7am you must be present and start refreshing the Guardians of the Galaxy virtual queue page in Disney app at around 6.55am when it becomes active – for virtual queue groups only! To be part of one and access Lightning Lane pass offers, visit your park early enough and arrive by 7am for best chances to ride this year.

Since its debut, the virtual queue system has evolved considerably; to stay ahead of it all you should refresh frequently; doing this should put you into line for 7am when they open their virtual doors.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Coaster is one of the most beloved rides at Walt Disney World, drawing fans of both films as well as roller coaster enthusiasts alike to EPCOT Center. Offering both storytelling and roller coaster thrills with backward launches and seats that rotate 360 degrees, it provides an unforgettable ride experience for fans of Marvel’s universe – and EPCOT Centre welcomes this fantastic addition!

How do I get off the ride?

Before the ride opens a standby line, guests can only experience it via virtual queue boarding pass or individual Lightning Lane purchase (typically included with Disney Genie+ or available to purchase separately). But this ride is no ordinary one: here are some essential tips & hacks that’ll help ensure you claim a place in this highly-competitive virtual queue!

Story coasters don’t travel as quickly as traditional roller coasters, yet still pack an incredible punch. One unique aspect is that guests don’t know which song will play when their “starjumper” launches – making the entire ride feel like one big intergalactic dance party! Our Frog Family loves this addition to EPCOT; fans of Guardians of the Galaxy films should not miss this ride! A must do!