How to Ride Sharks in Fortnite




Fortnite Season 3 recently debuted with a brand-new aquatic theme: sharks are now both sources of loot and means for swift movement across the map!

Fortnite offers players several methods for riding sharks: using fishing rods – often found as rare drops in chests and barrels on some piers – is one. Simply throw out your line towards the shark, and it should latch on.

Fishing Rod

Fortnite Season 3 introduces sharks as part loot source, vehicle and threat. You’ll find these sharks lurking around Chests, Piers and as random floor spawns across the map.

Fishing rods, found in barrels throughout watery environments, allow you to ride them. Simply throw the line at a shark and it should latch onto it and allow you to ride.

Fishing rods can be made of either graphite or fiberglass. While graphite tends to be lighter and more flexible, it often breaks easily; fiberglass provides greater durability against damage.

Hybrid rods combine both materials. You can find these at sporting goods stores and they tend to be less costly.

Your choice of fishing rod will depend heavily on your preferred technique – casting or lure fishing. Casters might prefer more sensitive rods that allow them to feel every small movement in the water while lure fishermen may opt for stiffer rods so that they can mimic prey’s movements more closely.

Fishing Pole

Fortnite’s Season 3 update brings with it many fun new features, but one of the most enjoyable ones is taking a ride on a shark! Not only does it transport players through watery regions like Sweaty Sands and Fortilla, but you can ride it like it were a jet ski!

For this activity, a fishing pole will come in handy; these can usually be found around dock areas and water bodies connected by land such as Loot Lake.

Once equipped with a fishing pole, you can head into an area known for sharks and cast your line towards one. It should cause it to come closer towards shore before you can hook up the rod and begin controlling its movements.

After this, you can maneuver your shark around by jumping onto it, using turbo boosts, or zooming in for aim and fire. However, shark rides only last for limited amounts of time.


Fortnite Season 3 welcomes another addition: sharks! These toothy creatures can serve a multitude of functions, from being used as loot sources or threats, all the way through to becoming vehicles for transportation purposes.

Players can utilize them as transport across the map, making them an excellent way to quickly traverse challenges and complete missions quickly. Unfortunately, however, they can be hard to tame and will attack if approached directly.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to tame a shark is with a fishing rod. Simply locate an unsuspecting shark nearby and toss a fishing rod near it; when the shark bites it, your rod should come in handy as an effective means of control.

You will then be able to ride and control it like a jet ski, giving you access to some useful features such as jumping and speed boost. Furthermore, this can also help move sharks between locations as needed for challenges.

Jet Ski

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 features several aquatic gameplay elements, such as sharks that can be ridden to navigate watery terrain on maps. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to ride these sharks properly.

Players need a fishing rod and shark in order to begin. Once near a shark, players should cast the rod toward it before waiting for it to bite.

Once bitten by a shark, your character will be propelled into the air and you can ride it around freely. Furthermore, you can control its direction as well as shoot while riding it!

Jet skis are personal watercraft equipped with inboard jet drives for propulsion, providing thrill-seekers the thrill of high speed water sports while helping build leg muscles and enhance coordination skills.