How to Ride Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus




Navigating around in Pokemon games has always been an integral part of the experience, with players unlocking Hidden Machines that let them swim or fly across maps faster.

Pokemon Legends Arceus takes things one step further by including Ride Pokemon that allow trainers to traverse Hisuian region more freely. These Pokemon act like an HM equivalent and can be summoned using Celestica Flute.


Wyrdeer is a special Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus that players can use to traverse Hisui Region quickly and efficiently. This Psychic/Normal type Pokemon can move swiftly across land while leaping across larger bodies of water with ease; its best moves include Double-Edge, Extrasensory, Zen Headbutt; Trainers can evolve this Pokemon by repeatedly using Psyshield Bash in Agile Style 20 times.

Players will unlock the ability to ride this Pokemon upon completing Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods main story quest and reaching Star Rank 1. At that point, Warden Mai will give them a Celestica Flute which allows them to summon it as mounts.

Once summoned, players can press the + button and hop aboard Wyrdeer’s back, riding it quickly across great distances while reaching areas otherwise blocked off until later in the game.


Sneasler is the third rideable Pokemon available in Coronet Highlands and can be obtained after defeating Warden Ingo at Clamberclaw Cliffs. This flying Pokemon allows users to quickly traverse large areas on the map while being ideal for combatting fighting-type Pokemon such as Machoke and Gliscor/Tangela as well as those imbued with water/ice effects.

Players can summon Sneasler by approaching climbable surfaces and pressing the A button when prompted, enabling it to climb mountains and cliffs and reach areas difficult for humans to access on foot.

Sneasler also boasts a special ability that allows it to sense locations where there are hidden Items, similar to the Dowsing Machine from previous games. Players can then follow Sneasler’s head radar to track down these hidden treasures – this can provide extra funds for upgrades and Poke Ball purchases!


One of the best aspects of Pokemon Legends Arceus is allowing players to ride certain Pokemon as they explore Hisui. These special creatures, known as mounts, provide invaluable help when traversing Hisui quickly. In order to use one of five mounts available in Pokemon Legends Arceus you must first defeat Ursaluna; she can be found near the end of story mission 8 near Crimson Mirelands area.

Once you have defeated Ursaluna, you will be able to summon it with the Y button and press + to begin riding it. It will track your movements with radar-like curves while alerting you of hidden treasure with green semicircle pings.

Ursaluna can use the Y button to uncover hidden treasure, providing access to rare items otherwise inaccessible. Furthermore, any Ursaluna that evolved during November 2022 Community Day will know the unique move High Horsepower.


Braviary makes its main series debut in Curtain Up, Unova League! as an American-themed bird Pokemon that can help you fly over dangerous areas safely. Like other ride Pokemon, it can be summoned quickly with just the press of Y.

Braviary is a combination of brave and aviary or eyrie. This name pays homage to the national emblem of the United States – the bald eagle – as well as to how real-life bald eagles were once endangered, but have since recovered as people worked together for them.

Riding Braviary will allow you to sail through the skies faster than walking, using its Y button for leaping and holding it down to dive deeper. Use its B button for sprinting; even after stopping pressing its Y button it will still keep moving at full speed!