How to Ride a Wolf in Fortnite




Fortnite now allows players to ride wild animals such as wolves and boars – an effective and quick way to traverse its map quickly and effortlessly.

To ride an animal, first find and tame it. Taming should be fairly straightforward if you can jump directly onto its back.

How to find a wolf

Fortnite makes riding animals such as boars and wolves straightforward: simply use the same controls you would for walking on foot to jump, sprint and throw items. In addition, animals also feature their own stamina bars which quickly deplete when sprinting; when fully depleted they will lie down for a nap!

To spot a wolf on The Island, explore its wild regions. Look out for dense forest or mountainous areas as potential spots, or search around certain points-of-interest (POIs), such as Logjam Lumberyard this season.

To tame a wolf, feed it meat. Do this by throwing hidden pieces of food near the animal while staying out of sight; once they start eating it, approach and approach until tamed – once done so, the wolf will stay with you until either its owner dies (provided no opponent eliminates it first) or you dismount at any point though this won’t give as many XP rewards than still riding it would give.

How to tame a wolf

Wolves and boars have been welcomed additions to the Fortnite landscape since Chapter 3 of Season 3, providing new ways of traversing the map while dealing charge damage – however, some players have requested being able to ride these creatures as well.

Fortnite developers have heard player requests to use animals as mounts in Fortnite. To tame a wolf or boar for yourself, simply find one in the wild and interact with it so as to hop onto its back.

Once partnered with you, an animal will follow and attack enemies for you. However, should it run out of stamina it will only move slowly rather than charging into battle like normal.

To replenish an animal’s energy reserves, toss a piece of food or meat at it without it seeing you, or throw an empty water bottle towards it to revitalize their health and stamina.

How to ride a wolf

Wolves and boars have made a comeback to Fortnite with an added twist: players can now ride these animals to quickly traverse the map.

Taming a wolf can be accomplished simply by jumping onto its back. There’s no need to distract the animal with distractions like food first; once tamed, the animal will follow players around the map until double jumping throws them off or using interact to dismount.

Riding animals is an enjoyable way to travel the map, although its speed does differ significantly from driving vehicles. Wolves and boars take damage when mounted; therefore players need to exercise caution. Meat may also help players to heal as they ride them.

How to dismount a wolf

Wolves can be more aggressive than Boars, making them harder to ride. The process remains the same: locate one and jump onto its back to begin riding it; make sure to land directly on it to tame it and keep it close by landing directly onto it each time!

Once tamed, your wolf will follow you around the map and attack enemies that come too close. This can be useful when looking to eliminate multiple opponents at once; however, be wary as wolves can also break structures or give away your location.

Fortnite recently introduced a challenging new task that requires players to perform an aerial 360 spin while dismounting from either a wolf or boar. Though difficult, this feat is achievable by altering your sensitivity settings via opening up Options > Mouse & Keyboard Settings.