Can You Ride Uber Under 18?




Transporting children to and from school or activities can be costly. Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft offer an economical alternative, making them a great choice for parents who need to save money.

Both companies have age policies stating people must be at least 18 to use their services, yet parents and drivers often break these rules.

Uber is a car-for-hire service

Uber stands out from traditional taxi services by using smartphone technology to connect passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire. Passengers request pick-ups through the app, then pay a fare to the driver once they arrive at their destination.

Depending on the ride type, distance, time and market demand, fares may differ. They may also include airport or toll fees that are automatically and immediately passed along to riders.

Another factor affecting fare costs is the type of car you select. There are three primary options: UberX, which offers the cheapest option; Uber Pool, which enables users to share rides and split costs; and Uber Black, a luxury vehicle with professional drivers.

After your ride, you can rate your driver. Doing so helps protect future drivers from rude, aggressive or drunk/impaired passengers. Your rating will appear directly underneath your name in the Uber app.

It’s not a taxi service

Uber is a taxi aggregator that works through its smartphone application and lets you book a cab to get from one place to another, precalculating the fare, estimating arrival time, and offering to split costs with fellow riders.

The business model of this company differs significantly from typical ride-hailing businesses, as it does not retain any revenue generated through rides. Instead, it charges drivers a commission-based fee (that varies based on geography and vehicle class) for using their brand and services.

Additionally, it ensures its drivers possess the necessary licenses and insurance before they start working. Furthermore, its strict inspection process guarantees their safety as well as that of any passengers they transport.

Uber has revolutionized the transportation industry by bringing on-demand near real time services to cities worldwide. However, local taxi operators are concerned that Uber’s service may erode their business.

It’s convenient

Teens find Uber and Lyft to be a cost-effective and convenient way to get around town. Their app allows riders to request a driver who’s willing to take them anywhere, with details such as the driver’s name, license plate number and type of car displayed when on their way.

Ride-sharing services provide an alternative to public transportation and are generally considered safe for kids to use. However, parents should still insist that the convenience of using a ride-sharing service should not be used as an excuse to allow their teen driver their own vehicle.

When allowing your teenager to drive a car, safety should always come first. Uber has implemented many measures to guarantee both riders and drivers are kept secure.

However, Uber drivers sometimes disregard company policies or cause teen deaths. In such cases, parents can file a complaint against the company to protect their child and others from unsafe driving practices.

It’s safe

When it comes to transporting kids around, ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft are the perfect solution. Not only are they convenient and economical, but parents have been relying on them for years – providing assurance that these services work reliably and securely.

But NBC 5 Investigates discovered some concerning safety concerns with these popular apps. For one, neither company allows passengers under 18 to use their service without an adult present.

That is because accepting rides from individuals under 18 is against both companies’ terms of service, and drivers aren’t supposed to take them either.

Many drivers I spoke to in Orlando and other major cities told me they typically reject minors, even though it can be challenging to enforce. It’s their responsibility to stay abreast of safety policies; however, if they ignore something important and get caught, it could result in serious repercussions such as deactivating their driver account.