Can You Ride Quads on the Road?




Quads are all-terrain vehicles designed to cover diverse terrain, providing greater mobility than regular motor vehicles. While not considered street legal in many countries, through one acceptance procedure they may become street legal allowing them to be treated like automobiles and thus subject to driving license rules similar to cars.


Quads may be fun and convenient forms of transportation, but they also pose serious safety risks to riders. Anyone wanting to purchase and drive one should first attend an approved safety course before venturing out onto public roads.

In the UK, ATVS are treated like regular automobiles and you may ride one with just an ordinary car license – although that does not negate the need for protective gear like helmets and other essential items such as chains.

As a rule of thumb, any road-legal quad should include a minimum 10×5 cm rear view mirror as well as high/low beam headlights, brake lights, indicators, number plate mounts on both front and back as well as signal horns. Furthermore, an ATV should also be limited in power usage with engine noise restrictions depending on machine size – these safety precautions serve both practical purposes and common sense, since people typically get hurt on quads from exceeding their capabilities or performing stunts they shouldn’t perform.


If you plan on riding your quad on the road, it is essential that you take several maintenance measures. These should include carrying a hazard triangle and first aid kit with you as well as carrying a minimum 10x5cm rear mirror. A reflector will also assist when changing lanes. Furthermore, make sure your brakes and clutch are well maintained, and avoid stunt riding; practice basic maneuvers like pressing throttle slowly while steering or using clutch/shift/brake as much as possible before engaging in stunt riding!

In Germany, quad bikes are classified as automobiles and any valid car driver’s license will suffice to operate one. As of 2006 however, helmets have been made mandatory by law and you should wear one while riding one.