Can You Ride Guardians of the Galaxy Twice?




Disney’s new attraction is truly captivating: an innovative virtual queue boarding pass or Individual Lightning Lane purchase gives access to 6 unique ride experiences, opening with an immersive virtual queue experience.

Experience begins with an engaging preshow featuring Hollywood A-List cast from Guardians of the Galaxy films. Next, board starjumpers for a reverse launch into what seems like one giant intergalactic disco!

You can’t

Walt Disney World employs a virtual queue system on select rides that enables visitors to bypass long wait lines, first in Rise of the Resistance and later with Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure; it has since been tested on Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind as well.

This system allows guests to purchase Individual Lightning Lane access or enter the ride’s virtual queue to acquire a boarding group number and avoid the regular line. The virtual queue opens at 7am and should quickly fill up; guests can request it through My Disney Experience app or at its entrance.

If you want to try the Virtual Queue, be sure to register all of your party at once in the app, then refresh your page at exactly 7am and tap “Join Virtual Queue” when it appears on screen.

Once in the virtual queue, you will be given a wait time that indicates when your attraction will open in about 15-20 minutes. Keep refreshing your screen to monitor that wait time until it has gone down; that will indicate when it is safe to board it.

Disney wants to prevent people from trying to use the Virtual Queue twice, making it harder for other guests in the park to experience that ride. Once you ride an attraction, however, using it again won’t be allowed until its wait time changes again. They want to prevent people from trying twice to gain boarding groups, thus depriving other park guests the experience of it themselves.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, directed by James Gunn and written by Jonathan Perlman, is a 2015 space action comedy film starring Chris Pratt as Peter Quill/Star-Lord; an intergalactic bounty hunter misinterpreted as an outlaw after stealing an orb from galactic prison. Peter then joins forces with Rocket, an genetically modified raccoon; Gamora (Thanos’ daughter); Groot; Drax the Destroyer; and Drax himself as part of their collective team to fight off various alien species such as Sovereign race led by The High Evolutionary; ultimately team up against various alien creatures such as Sovereign race led by High Evolutionary.

What to Expect

Guardians of the Galaxy is an unconventional superhero film in many respects: its main characters don’t hail from any specific superhero universe but rather represent an unlikely alliance to save our galaxy from destruction. This results in both humorous banter between heroes as well as more serious moments regarding family relationships; overall it makes for an entertaining journey that fans of all ages will appreciate.

Guardians of the Galaxy has quickly become one of the most beloved attractions at EPCOT since opening, and it’s easy to understand why. The ride offers guests and critics alike an unforgettable journey through Xandar and has already won great acclaim from both guests and critics. While it might not match some of Epcot’s newer rides such as Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance or Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure in terms of popularity, Guardians remains a worthy addition.