Can You Ride Carnival Rides While Pregnant?




Reasons exist why pregnant women should avoid thrill rides. First of all, these rides may pose risks both to themselves and their unborn baby.

Rapid starts and stops and jarring motions on these rides may lead to placental abruption – an uncommon but potentially life-threatening condition in which your placenta separates prematurely from its attachment on your uterine wall.

Height Restrictions

At your local carnival, some rides are limited to pregnant women, elderly or disabled individuals only. All restrictions are clearly marked at each attraction – most don’t pose too many difficulties!

Keep this in mind: these restrictions don’t indicate that the ride is unsafe; rather, they are intended to keep both you and your family protected.

Before getting on any rides, it’s a good idea to be aware of what you are doing. Rocking your seat or sticking out your hand are bad for both health and injury; other hazards to watch out for include not adhering to safety precautions or reading signage at each attraction’s entrance. For the best experience possible and no drama whatsoever, take your time when visiting these attractions; if unsure, ask staff members for assistance or ask any staff members themselves for guidance.


Before visiting an amusement park with a pregnant belly, there are a few key things you must keep in mind before engaging any rides – especially G-Force rides. One should know about G-Force to avoid accidents during rides.

G-force, or acceleration, is used by engineers to rate various experiences to assess how intense they may be.

Space travelers and fighter pilots who experience very high g-forces, like astronauts and fighter pilots, may become dizzy, get tunnel vision, and eventually lose consciousness due to Gravity Induced Loss of Consciousness (GLOC).

Astronauts, fighter pilots and Formula One drivers may experience high g-forces when changing trajectory, accelerating or turning. But these forces don’t arise solely from gravity – rather they result from mechanical pushes and pulls.

Water Slides

Carnival attractions that you must avoid while pregnant include roller coasters and water slides. While these rides might provide fun ways to pass time, they aren’t safe for either you or your unborn baby.

Riding amusement rides during pregnancy may cause sudden stops or impacts that can harm both you and your unborn baby, according to the American Pregnancy Association. Therefore, they advise pregnant mothers-to-be to refrain from participating in these activities.

Pregnant women should avoid water slides during summer as they pose too great a risk for their unborn babies. Their sudden movements and force could result in complications during gestation and miscarriage.

An alternative to waterpark trips may be visiting lazy rivers and splash pad areas where there are no risks involved. Be sure to drink enough water so as to remain hydrated and prevent overheating.

Moving Entry/Exit

Amusement park visits offer the perfect solution to staving off winter blues while creating quality family time. While you’re there, make sure to pay attention to all the obvious and not-so-obvious restrictions and rules so as not to end up at an emergency room for something that should never have happened! Plan ahead by opting for healthier food alternatives over fast food menus – and plan your budget wisely as this way will bring out more enjoyment from your visit than fast food menus ever could! Below are some effective strategies.