Can You Ride a Jet Ski Pregnant?




Pregnant women are usually advised against activities that could be considered traumatic for them, such as jet skiing. Jet skiing carries numerous risks and should not be undertaken by expectant mothers.

However, there are a few steps you can take to guarantee your safety while riding a jet ski. These tips will help keep both you and your baby secure while having an enjoyable day on the water.

Safety Tips

Doctors generally advise pregnant women to refrain from physical activities such as jet skiing during their pregnancy. This is due to the potential risks involved and their disruption of prenatal hormone levels.

Pregnant women experience altered movement and coordination, making it difficult for them to perform many of the movements they were previously capable of. This can make it challenging for them to walk, run, lift weights or jet ski.

Pregnant women often experience fatigue, dehydration, and nausea during exercise; therefore it is essential that they take breaks as needed to ensure their wellbeing.

Pregnant women who wish to jet ski should consider hiring a tandem ride with another person so they can safely exit the water in case of an accident. Furthermore, wearing safety gear will reduce their chance for injury.

Wear a Lifejacket

When pregnant on a jet ski, it is essential to wear a life jacket. This will protect you from drowning and boost your chances of surviving an emergency.

A lifejacket is designed to fit securely, providing maximum performance and comfort. They come in various sizes such as infant, child and youth.

These jackets are constructed from polyurethane-coated nylon with two operating heads which activate automatically when submerged in water, inflating the jacket within four seconds. You may also manually inflate them by pulling on the attached lanyard.

A secure lifejacket is essential for everyone to wear, especially pregnant women. It should fit comfortably over your head without riding up over your head and keep your chin above water so you can breathe easily.

Don’t Go Too Far

Pregnant women must adjust their lifestyle. They cannot do all the activities they used to, such as skiing and snowboarding.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends pregnant women avoid these activities due to the potential risks for abdominal trauma and placental abruption. While you don’t need to stop enjoying nature altogether, be more cautious than before when doing so.

When planning a water sport while pregnant, opt for calm waters. Furthermore, steer clear of activities that could put you at risk of falls or heavy impacts in the water such as jet skiing and wakeboarding.

Another factor to consider is your mental state. Pregnant women often experience foggy brains and difficulty quickly assessing situations. Additionally, they may feel nauseous and dizzy during the initial trimester of pregnancy.

Don’t Go Too Deep

Doctors generally advise pregnant women to refrain from high-impact activities during their pregnancies. The reasons are many and varied, but one of the more prevalent is to reduce the risk of miscarriage or premature delivery. Furthermore, women’s bodies were simply not designed for such activity in the first place.

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