Can You Ride a Grom on the Highway?




The Honda Grom motorcycle is one of the most enjoyable to ride, as evidenced by young riders enjoying it on social media like surfers surf waves. They pull tricks at every available opportunity.

A Grom is an ideal first bike with its low seat height and manageable power, but can it handle highway riding?

The Honda Grom is a 125cc Motorcycle

The Grom may be small, but it packs plenty of fun into its compact form. While not designed as freeway-fliers, its diminutive motorcycle is meant to give new riders some throttle experience without feeling intimidated by an overpowered sport bike or enormous cruiser. Riders have taken to using social media as a showcase of their skills on these playful machines and show their playful nature!

Moto enthusiasts have quickly taken to the Grom, with riders showing off their skills by hopping curbs and performing wheelies on it. Though lifting its front may be easier than with larger bikes, care must be taken not to overdo it and risk either falling off or damaging its diminutive Honda chassis.

Rural Alabama may not boast the greatest roads, but its natural terrain curves and hills make for fantastic riding. To take full advantage of them, the Grom is the ideal vehicle to explore its backroads, with its powerful little motor providing ample torque for maneuvering through twisty sections. In addition, its light yet maneuverable frame easily navigates narrow alleyways and one-way streets, even when faced with traffic or needing to jump a curb!

The 2022 Honda Grom has undergone significant upgrades, most notably its five-speed gearbox which improves usable performance of its 124cc engine. A more undersquare design allows for longer first gear, while taller fifth gear helps add miles per gallon at highway speeds – even at full throttle, it delivers over 97mpg! Furthermore, its seat has been revised for improved ergonomic experience for riders while an LCD dash has also been installed to provide better road handling capabilities.

It’s a 125cc Motorcycle

The Honda Grom is an economical and easy-to-ride motorcycle. Perfect for beginners who are afraid of full-sized bikes’ power and speed, experienced riders may also enjoy taking one out for some fun – the Grom is straightforward to operate while being cost effective to insure.

The Grom is powered by a single-cylinder, air-cooled engine producing 9.5 horsepower and 8.6 lb-ft of torque. This is coupled with a five-speed manual transmission. For 2022 models there has also been an updated exhaust and intake designed to make them more powerful while improving its handling and top speed capabilities.

One aspect that distinguishes the Honda Grom from other 125cc bikes is its use of real motorcycle-style swingarm and forks. This allows it to better deal with rough roads and potholes than competing 125cc models; its inverted 31 mm forks provide 3.9 inches of travel and are easily adjustable while its rear shock can also be customized as needed.

One area that may pose a challenge to beginners is the brakes. The Grom has very small and lightweight brakes, so applying too much pressure may lead to their loss of control – particularly if riding with passengers. Therefore, riders must understand their motorcycle’s limitations while being willing to take precautionary steps against accidents.