Can You Ride a Four Wheeler Pregnant?




If you’re pregnant, it is advised to avoid driving any off-road vehicles such as ATVs and dirt bikes. These can be far more hazardous due to their lack of doors or roofs that would protect both you and your unborn child in case of an impact.

Additionally, having diabetes increases your risk for placental abruption – a serious pregnancy complication in which the placenta separates from the uterus.

It’s Not Safe

Pregnant women should avoid riding four wheelers at all costs as these vehicles lack doors, roofs and roll cages to protect both you and your unborn child.

The primary risk of riding a four wheeler while pregnant is placental abruption, an emergency pregnancy condition in which the placenta separates from the uterus and causes blood loss and prolonged oxygen deprivation to an unborn baby.

Unfortunately, while rare, it does happen and should be treated as a serious emergency. To minimize your chances of this occurring, always drive safely and slowly when off-roading.

It’s Not a Good Idea

Four wheelers can be an enjoyable means of transportation, and many people enjoy off-roading. Unfortunately, it is not advised for pregnant women to ride one.

No, riding a four wheeler while pregnant is not safe. In fact, it could actually be hazardous for your unborn child, particularly during the early stages of your second trimester.

Second, the large bumps you will experience while driving a four wheeler are not only delightful for pregnant women’s backs, but they may also pose risks to your unborn child.

Recently, Duggar fan favorite Joy Forsyth rode an ATV without wearing a helmet – leading some to question whether this was wise or not. They hope Joy and her family can continue enjoying outdoor activities safely in the future. Let us know your opinion in the comments below! The best answers will be featured in an upcoming TV Shows Ace article.

It’s a Bad Idea

Many women enjoy the excitement of an off-roading trip and may be wondering if it’s safe to ride a four wheeler while pregnant. Unfortunately, there are numerous reasons why this type of activity should not be attempted during pregnancy.

Pregnancy can be dangerous if you don’t take safety seriously. A sudden, jarring crash or collision could put both you and your unborn child at serious risk.

To keep yourself and your unborn baby safe while hiking, avoid trails altogether. This is especially important if you are in your third trimester as your unborn is most vulnerable at this stage of development. Another smart move is investing in a pregnancy tummy shield. This award-winning seatbelt was engineered specifically to provide growing babies with protection. Voted the best pregnancy safety item by BabyCenter readers, we highly recommend its superior performance and value.

It’s Not Worth It

If you’re pregnant, it is best to avoid activities that could cause harm. These include ziplining, trampoline jumping and riding an ATV or other outdoor bike.

While you might be tempted to take the chance and ride a four wheeler while pregnant, do it at your own risk. These vehicles are much riskier than regular cars due to the absence of doors, roofs, and roll cages.

These vehicles also have the potential to roll over, which could prove fatal for both you and your baby.

Quads are known for their bumpy and jerky motions, which could potentially harm your baby during critical stages of development. Furthermore, these rides increase your chance of placental abruption.